"Aus Böhmen kommt die Musik ...!"
(Music is coming from Bohemia! - Title of a famous German Polka

The music, especially the brass music from Bohemia, the "Egerland" (part of Bohemia, todays Czech Republic) or from "Danube Swabian" (former part of Hungary), entranced and inspired me already since my childhood.
Already at the age of about ten years I received my first musical education and play since then actively a trumpet and a "Flügelhorn" (special form of a trumpet, especially for Bohemian music) in several music associations and bands.

Photo above: Music Band Frankenthal-Eppstein (1. f.l. Wolfgang Jendsch, 1. Trumpet)
Photos below: Bronze medal "Wereld Muziek Concours" (Music World Championship Kerkrade/Holland) Fanfare- and Music Band Eppstein during the marching competition in Kerkrade.

Below an overview about some of my musical activities:
  • Protestant Trombone Choir: first musical education on a "Flügelhorn" (Kuhlo musical notation, not-transposing notation!)
  • Hunting Music Corps: Fürst-Pless-Horn in B
  • Youth Drum Band: musical education on a marching drum
  • further musical education: "Flügelhorn", trumpet (retrain on "military musical notation", transposing notation!)
  • Fanfares and Drum Band Eppstein/Pfalz: 1. Es-fanfare, Aida-fanfare in Es, musical instructor, arranger, 2. Chairperson (1973)
  • Fanfares and Music Band Eppstein/Pfalz: Participation in the Rheinland-Pfalz national championships/Landesmeisterschaft in 1974 (1st place)
  • Fanfares and Music Band Eppstein/Pfalz: Participation in the German championship/Deutschland-Pokal, in 1974 (3rd place)
  • Fanfares and Music Band Eppstein/Pfalz: Participation in the "Wereld Muziek Concours" in 1974 (Music World Championship) in Kerkrade/Netherlands (3rd place).
  • own musical activities "playing together with record!" (1. Flügelhorn, trumpet)
  • Höri Musicians - Bohemian Brass Music: Foundation member, 1. Flügelhorn
  • "Egerländer Buchhof-Musikanten" - Egerland brass band after playing with original Egerland notes as well as in original instrumentation: a future vision?!
The pages beside (links) will inform you detailed about my other musical and musical-cultural activities.

Höri-Musikanten - Böhmische Blasmusik (Bohemian Brass Band)