People need Visions?!

Visions are personal concepts and pictures - covered to the future. A vision indicates to have a certain purpose with eyes and offers with it orientation, an uniform line, one of team spirit shaped “in a pull together” as well as specific future-oriented work.

This all and also more belongs to my personal musical visions. My dream was and is to belong to a brass band which safes the music of the Egerland as well as the Bohemian brass music -, traditional staffed of the former “Original Egerländer Musikanten” conducted by Ernst Mosch as well as played with original notes in a traditional way.

For the first time I could realize this wishes as a foundation member and 1. Flügelhornist (special Bohemian trumpet) of the former “Höri-Musikanten”, a small brass band in the “bohemian style”.
Unfortunately, the wish for a suitable traditional brass band did not come true in the last years, nevertheless, so that this vision increases now “ideally and visionary” on the possible foundation of own brass band.

The „Egerländer Buchhof-Musikanten“

Thus she could call, the future musical formation which is nowadays still contents my vision?!
The reality shows that it is not so easy at all to find suitable and interested musicians for this special kind of brass music.

Many of the musicians who were active for years and decades in music associations and are now in the “musical retirement” long at the same time also for “musical rest” and want to undergo an other engagement no more -, and the young musicians see her musical future not or not only in the Egerland/Bohemian brass music.

Besides, I had to find out that the wishes of the possibly interested musicians corresponds rather to a wide-diversified musical repertoire than after a “restriction” on the traditional brass music from Bohemia, from the Egerland or from Danube-Swabian.

But there remains nowadays a vision - but, in addition, my other active efforts to realize a traditional Egerland brass band in the most southern area of Germany.