Fire Service all over the World

The probably largest work and functional field during my active job as a professional journalist and documentation-photographer was probably the fire service. Thus I could build up contacts with fire agencies, fire departments and firefighters all over the world and safe that contacts for years away.
My international work brought it with itself that I could visit numerous organizations in different states - intensively in Europe and in the USA-, and that I could inform myself and learn about their work within the scope of trainings and operations.

The following photos - "Optical Memories" - offer naturally only one small part of that what I might experience with the fire service all over the world.

A small part of my "Optical Memories" (from left to right): 1. Fighting a large blaze of a warehouse; 2. Wolfgang Jendsch (2nd from right) with an engine crew from Boise Fire Department, Idaho/USA; 3. Car fire fighting in Germany; 4. Wolfgang Jendsch as a Public Information Officer (PIO); 5. After a room fire; 6. Train crash operation with a railroad fire brigade in the Czech Republic; 7. Firefighting on the Bakersfield Airport in California/USA; 8. Demonstration of extinguishing burning fat with water; 9. Wolfgang Jendsch as the Public Information Officer (PIO) and the documentation-photographer with the Radolfzell Fire Service; 10. Fire brigade in the former "German Democratic Republic", DDR; 11. Air Crash near Ueberlingen/Lake Constance; 12. Blaze in a super market.