Beside the Job - the private Life!

A high professional and temporal engagement needs an adequate balance as well as time for personal regeneration. For me it was always also the nature, the mountains, the mountain climbing and the walking which offered the necessary balance. Together with my wife Susanne I could travel over and over again in the nice regions of this world - for example into the Dolomites to South Tirol, into the Sierra Nevada in Spain or into the great sceneries of the Egerland and Bohemia to find there the necessary balance to my professional activities.

There remains my wish for the future that I have now even more time and opportunity in the "retirement" to enjoy the private life in this way and other ways.

Below also here some "Optical Memories" from the past time.

A small part of my "Optical Memories" (from left to right): 1. Wolfgang Jendsch during mountain ice-climbing in the Austrian Alps; 2. Wolfgang Jendsch as a mountain climber on a rock; 3. Wolfgang and Susanne Jendsch during a trecking tour in the Dolomiten; 4. Wolfgang Jendsch as the Public Information Officer (PIO) on the "Flower Island Mainau"; 5. In the cockpit of a Zeppelin; 6. Wolfgang Jendsch during a truck drivers training (1968); 7. Wedding of Susanne und Wolfgang Jendsch (1994); 8. Old Egerland farm in Bohemia/Czech Republic; 9. Wolfgang Jendsch and his "favorite chicken"; 10. Picnic high above the valey; 11. Retirement: more time for good eating and drinking; 12. Retirement: relaxing on the balcony.