Forest and Wildland Firefighting - for Nature and Environment!

My full time main focus in the fire service was the forest and wildland firefighting especially in European states (among others in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Czech Republic) as well as in the United States of America (among others in the US federal states California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington).
For many years I got the opportunity to learn from the wildland firefighters and to take part to her operations for nature and environment protection.

Also here an extensive picture archive offers opportunity to "Optical Memories" of this instructive and exciting time.

A small part of my "Optical Memories" (from left to right): 1. Wolfgang Jendsch (2nd from right) with a KCFD wildland fire crew, 2. Two comrades togehter - Wolfgang Jendsch (right) and a fellow firefighter from the USA!, 3. Two Public Information Officers (PIO) togehter in Califonia, 4. Battling a wildfire in the Czech Republik, 5. Wolfgang Jendsch in the cockpit of airtanker 130 (Lockheed C 130 Hercules), 6. Wolfgang Jendsch ready for a fire helicopter flight, 7. Battling a reed fire at Lake Constance/Germany, 8. Wolfgang Jendsch with a battalion chief car in California, 9. Grass fire operation with the US Forest Service/USFS, 10. Wolfgang Jendsch driving a wildland tanker in Washington/USA, 11. Wolfgang Jendsch, 12. Wolfgang Jendsch (3rd from left) with an engine fire crew of the US Forest Service/USFS.